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Who is Ann-Sofie Lindh?

I have a background in biomedical research and more than 25 years of experience in leadership, and project- and change management. I am trained in and have hands-on experience in leadership and staffing and I am in professional coach. Together with my extensive experience in various management roles as well as board assignments, my competence comprises an appreciated foundation of efforts to deliver customer assignments, and to train and develop others.

To develop leaders and management based on client initiative, and to make the business and its individuals assume new challenges, collaborate, attain a goal-focused perspective and continuously improve are symbolic of my way of working and my personality.

With my great commitment, curiosity, ability and experience of driving development and actions towards fulfilling objectives, I support various companies and organizations as an organizational consultant and coach in my assignments.

I appreciate being a part of other's development and conveying a feeling of learning for a sustainable change in the way of thinking and feeling, together with the “What and How”.

In recent years, I have taken the step to start and run my own business, and focus on what I like the most; people and to work and collaborate with others towards specified goals. In this collaboration I am convinced that "Everybody can", and since 2014, I am owner of ALLCaN Consulting.

Ann-Sofie Lindh


  • Strengthen cooperation and communication in a team

  • Facilitate workshops, seminars and training sessions

  • Coaching (Member of ICF)

  • Manager, project manager and mentor

  • Facilitate improvement initiatives and implementations

  • Experience of government requirements and inspections

  • Risk evaluations and assessments

  • Experience in research and development

Why choose me as your consultant or coach?

I help you to reach the goals of your aim, challenge or vision in the, for you, most efficient and best way.

I know that the challenges of managing and motivating represent a number of tasks, activities and decisions in parallel processes with many demands and expectations.

I can make a difference in assignments and situations where people progress and are challenged. I am motivated, committed, energetic, curious and solution-oriented with a large portion of leadership experience and ability to communicate.

In my opinion, one of the most important understandings is that it is always the people, leadership, and companionship in the organization that make a difference in results, efficiency, motivation and well-being. And when learnings take a place within the organization, the difference is further improved for a sustainable result.

When communication, values, visions, leadership and companionship coexist together with the possibility to develop and improve, you get teams that work very well together with a sustainable well-being. The transparencies in change management processes are also key factors that impact progress. When these factors are consciously affected, success will be achieved in production, development, efficiency and results.

What did other think?

"When I was coached by Ann-Sofie, she made me feel strong and able to trust my own decisions. I got insights into why I react and handle situations as I do. In an easy way, I got to get to know myself very well. I now feel stronger meeting co-workers and managers, which have greatly helped me face new challenges professionally as well as privately. To be coached in your professional  role or as a civilian is something I warmly recommend."

(Original testimonial in Swedish, freely translated)

Anna Worbin, Accountant, Nya Skara Djursjukhus, Skara

"Ann-Sofie is a positive and very committed person, and you notice that she is interested and knowledgeable in what she does. She gives an impression of safety and can make the shyest person express his/her thoughts and questions. Our team tend to drift of focus in discussions and in those cases, Ann-Sofie was good at keeping the group together and pushing us forward."

(Original testimonial in Swedish, freely translated)

Quote from a communication- and feedback workshop with a team at AstraZeneca, Mölndal

If you want to know more or have other questions or inquiries I am happy to answer them.

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